“Working with ADESA gives us a huge advantage in time and work to be able to offer our cars to as many different customers as possible, simultaneously, across Europe in auctions that are even open on weekends. After the sale, we have one single point of contact for the handling, payment and transport, in our own language.” 


“We really appreciate ADESA’s professionalism. Agreements are consistently adhered to, and we never encounter surprises. If something does not go quite as planned, ADESA is always willing to come up with a constructive solution. That makes ADESA a particularly valued partner for Arval.” 

Arval Belgium

“With ADESA I’m sure to sell my cars within 4 days. They manage every negotiation in full autonomy and with the utmost clarity. It’s all very fast and functional. “

Erminio AlbertiCar Server

“My department is responsible for the sale of ex-lease cars. These amount to thousands of vehicles per year. To steer this outflow in the right direction, we work with other partners. ADESA stands for quick, professional and reliable services, which is a must for a business as renowned as Athlon”.

Expert in exports

“We offer used cars through different auctions, including the ADESA platform. All offers must be in before close. When allocating the cars, price is an important criterion. However, where ADESA really makes a difference is with its expertise in outflow”.

Meeting high expectations

“Thanks to its huge network, working with ADESA is often successful, which is of course beneficial for both parties. We are really happy with ADESA’s platform and our cooperation with them. Athlon stands for operational excellence, which is something we also expect from parties with which we work”, says Jan Möllers.

Jan MöllersRemarketing manager at Athlon