With ADESA Germany, we have a trustfully and strong partner that shines with competent employees and fast processing. This allows us to realize our vehicle sales faster and better.

Philipp HurtHead of Fleet MediaMarkt Saturn Deutschland

“We really appreciate ADESA’s professionalism. Agreements are consistently adhered to, and we never encounter surprises. If something does not go quite as planned, ADESA is always willing to come up with a constructive solution. That makes ADESA a particularly valued partner for Arval.” 

Arval Belgium

‘ADESA has ensured I don’t lose time selling vehicles. They look after everything … At our request, they even remove the stickers from our vehicles! It saves even more precious time.’

Eric LavoineKlinkenberg

‘No cowboy nonsense; ADESA does everything officially and professionally—a must for us. The company respects the agreements it makes and offers excellent turnaround times.’

Juliano BertiFleet manager, COLAS Belgium

‘The online auctions are easy to use, which saves us time and excessive paperwork. Another advantage is that the international buyer network makes it easy to find a customer prepared to pay the best possible price.’

Christophe DockxFleet Supervisor, BESIX

‘Selling cars is not one of our core tasks. It’s only logical that we’d rather outsource. In ADESA, we found a partner that lives up to its promise to be flexible and take every concern out of our hands.’

Jelle De KetelbutterFleet manager, The Facility Services Agency