Our customer works for a well-known German candy manufacturer. Whether he works with ADESA to sell sweets? Not really. As a fleet manager, his focus is on passenger cars.


“As a salesman, you always want to score the best deal. In the past, I worked with other dealers who were slightly cheaper. My experience? They want to push down the price of my vehicles over and over again. “I have been working with ADESA for almost five years now and they always make a good offer.”


“ADESA is mega-professional, I knew from the beginning that they would become my permanent partner.”


01. Flawless cooperation

For our customer, the way of working with ADESA is an absolute plus: “I don’t remember exactly how I came to ADESA. But I do remember that I was immediately amazed by how flawlessly everything runs. ADESA is mega-professional. Even then, I knew they would become my permanent partner.”

02. Friendly staff

“Another reason why I enjoy working with ADESA so much: all the staff are friendly. That makes my dealings with ADESA very pleasant. “I always have the feeling that I am at the centre as a customer.”

03. ADESA takes care of everything

“Working with ADESA is so simple. We make an on-site valuation of the vehicles and send the list to ADESA. Then they make an offer. From then on, we don’t have to worry about anything. Not even about transporting the vehicles, because ADESA takes care of that.”


Whether our client would ever stop working with ADESA? “I wouldn’t know why, everything is super. The process is quick and effortless. What’s more, I can arrange everything via email. What a comfort!”
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“Not working with ADESA anymore? I wouldn’t know why, everything is super!”