4 simple steps to sell cars at an auction

Have you ever wondered why selling used cars has to be so complicated? We certainly have. But then we realised the very simple truth: it doesn’t. With the right setup and system, smooth vehicle sales are easy. And when you partner with us, selling pre-owned cars is as relaxing as can be.

We get rid of all the headaches. There’s no dealing with complicated websites, no negotiating and no interested parties that fail to come up with the cash. Our sales process is so quick and easy that satisfaction is guaranteed—you sell for a price that leaves you smiling

ADESA Sell your cars

One simple, step-by-step plan

Whether you’re a fleet manager, dealership owner, remarketing manager, rental company, or in charge of managing vehicle sales for your company, our straightforward system brings you the best market prices out there. And the cherry on top? You barely need to do a thing. We do all the hard work for you.



We have a team of professional experts who know everything there is to know about vehicle evaluation. One of them will carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle. They’ll take photos and make notes. And unless you prefer to write your own reports, they’ll write a vehicle description and damage report that will be displayed alongside your car at adesa.eu. This gives potential buyers all the information they need to know.



Our online car auction platform is a buzzing hive of activity. But you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of auctioning in order to benefit. We take care of everything. We conduct a first-class auction for your vehicle. All communication with buyers happens directly with us—you never need to negotiate or answer questions. At the end of the auction, we present you with the best offer. You have a whole day to decide whether or not it’s good enough.


Sale & payment

We want you to feel comfortable selling with us. That’s why our services are supplied without any catches. You benefit from complete transparency at all times. Everything we offer is obligation free—you’ll never be pressured into accepting a lowball offer. Whether or not you decide to sell is completely up to you. As soon as you say yes, the sale is finalised. There’s no more back and forth. You’ll receive your payment within two working days.


Collection and delivery

When you sell with ADESA, you don’t have to worry about logistics. You reach buyers all across Europe, and we handle all the export details for international sales. We’ll collect the vehicle from you, wherever you are, and deliver it to the buyer, wherever they are. No strings attached. The administration is completely taken care of by us, so you don’t have to deal with tiresome rules and regulations.

Ready for simple car sales?

Contact us to get started. We’ll arrange a complimentary consultation in which one of our sales specialists will go through all your needs, tailor a plan of attack and answer any questions you have. It’s just a chat, you’re not locked into anything.

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